Capture Reviews Effortlessly with QR Codes

Link to any online review provider like Google and Facebook, complete with tracking function and editable URL. Available in Starter plan.

Collect Reviews

Review QR Code provides the easiest way to collect reviews from your customers. With a simple scan of the QR code using their smartphones, customers can conveniently leave feedback on platforms like Google and Facebook.

Track Scans

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your review campaigns with our built-in tracking function. Monitor the number of scans and reviews generated by your QR code to measure its impact on your online reputation.

Manage Link

Customize the destination URL linked to your QR code to direct customers to the review platform of your choice. Whether you prefer Google, Facebook, or another provider, our platform allows you to tailor the experience to suit your business needs.

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How It Works

3 simple steps to start using your Review QR Code

Leverage the power of Review QR Codes to enhance your online reputation and grow your business

Generate Your QR Code

Create your Review QR Code within minutes using our user-friendly platform. Simply select your preferred review provider and customize the URL to suit your needs.

Place the QR Code

Display your Review QR Code in prominent locations within your business premises, such as near the checkout counter or entrance. Encourage customers to scan the code and share their feedback.

Monitor Results

Track the performance of your QR code through our intuitive dashboard. Gain insights into the number of scans and reviews generated, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your review collection efforts.

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